E.L. with adrenal fatigue and IBS

“Thank you so much for your help in making me well again. You gave me my life back. I am forever grateful to you.”

J.R. with a family of 5

“You have helped my family for so many health concerns over the years, from ear infections and fevers to mononucleosis and even depression and anxiety. I am so thankful knowing you are in our area, giving us alternative options for our health concerns. I know you are appreciated by many families and we thank you soo much for everything you do!”

R.W. with ulcerative colitis

"I would highly recommend anyone with a colitis diagnosis such as mine to seek out Dr. Fey immediately. I am confident that if I had found her at the beginning of my illness, I would not have had to endure such difficulties and I would have been able to control the symptoms much earlier on. Within just 30 days of working with Dr. Fey, I was feeling like my old self pre-illness. After 6 months I feel better than I have in the last 10 years. Thanks you so much, Dr. Fey, you’ve changed my life!"

P.J. with rheumatoid arthritis

“I’ve been a musician for years and teach as part of my household income which explains how devastating it was when I wasunable to use my hands to its full capacity due to my recently diagnosed arthritis. After seeing Dr. Fey for 1 visit within 1 month I was able to make a full fist with my hands which I haven't been able to accomplish in years. 8 years later I am still playing my guitar, teaching my lessons, and most importantly I have the energy and strength to live my life fully! I’m forever grateful to Dr. Fey.”

C.S. with an undiagnosed autoimmune and hormonal issue

“Finally I found someone that listens and explains to me how all my weird symptoms are connected. I’ve never been given a full diagnosis from my conventional doctors, but with connecting my symptom dots, Dr Fey has been able to balance my body with diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes. And I’ve never felt better. Weird symptoms be gone!“