+ What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic Medicine is an alternative form of health care where natural therapies are utilized to restore and optimize health. Naturopathic doctors are trained experts in the field of natural medicine and treat a wide variety of health concerns and complaints. They are committed to identifying and treating the cause of disease rather than focusing solely on symptomatic treatment and view each person as a unique individual. The philosophical approach of naturopathic medicine includes disease prevention, patient education, and encouragement of the body’s natural ability to heal. Naturopathic medicine combines centuries old nontoxic therapy modalities with current advances in medical science and research.

+ What educational training do Naturopathic Doctors receive?

Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) receive a four-year postgraduate level training at an accredited naturopathic medical school. Currently, there are four existing naturopathic colleges in the US, which are accredited by the Council of Naturopathic Medical Education, recognized by the US Department of Education. The four years of training consist of graduate level study in the medical sciences and clinical medicine; in addition to, training in naturopathic therapeutics, including clinical nutrition, homeopathy, botanical medicine, hydrotherapy, counseling, and body work. After graduation, NDs must pass a national board examination consisting of basic medical sciences as well as naturopathic modalities to become licensed doctors. Overall, Naturopathic Doctor’s have spent more than 1000 hours in teaching clinics at their medical school and have personally worked with more than 500 patients before graduating. To learn more about naturopathic medical program refer to www.ncnm.edu for more details.

+ What happens at my first visit?

Prior to the first office visit, patients are to fill out a health history questionnaire and compile any lab records or medication/supplements currently taking and bring them along to the first visit. Initial visits are typically one hour in length where an extensive personal and family medical history is taken. By the end of the first visit, an initial comprehensive individualized plan will be created to move you on your way to achieving optimal health. Dr. Fey’s intention is to be your healing partner or coach, and to provide you with the education and encouragement to continue you along your healing path.

+ What therapies do you use?

Dr. Fey utilizes the least invasive therapies to be used as an alternative or to complement your current treatments. Treatment plans are suited for you as an individual and may include herbs, diet, nutritional supplements, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, exercise and stress management.

Dr. Fey’s knowledge of herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, and pharmacology training makes her uniquely qualified in understanding drug-herb, and drug-nutrient interactions. As part of her naturopathic medical training, Dr. Fey has extensive knowledge of laboratory analysis and can therefore look at all of your related medical records in order to help build a picture of your overall health.

In addition, Dr. Fey likes to work cooperatively with your other healthcare providers and will make appropriate referrals when necessary.

+ How long are return visits?

Return visits are generally 30 minutes in length, but can be up to an hour depending on the patient or doctor’s request. If a patient has been suffering from a particular problem for a long time it will take longer to heal and regular visits will be required. The case is then carefully followed and the prescription is adapted according to the patient's progress.

+ Do you accept insurance?

Currently, Dr. Fey does not accept insurance coverage due to Naturopathic Medicine not being licensed in New York State. However, the correct diagnostic and treatment codes can be provided for you to bill your insurance for possible coverage.

+ Are ND’s licensed in New York State?

Currently, 19 states, Washington, DC, and the US territories of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands have licensing laws for Naturopathic Doctors. In these states, Naturopathic Doctors are required to graduate from an accredited naturopathic medical school and pass a national postdoctoral board examination before receiving their license. Currently, New York is not among these 19 states. However, the New York Association of Naturopathic Physicians (NYANP) requires its professional members to maintain a valid license from one of the licensing jurisdictions. Currently, licensing efforts are taking place in New York. For more information refer to www.nyanp.org or www.naturopathic.org.